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Now use count sort to sort the array. The h-index is calculated by counting the number of publications for which an author has been cited by other authors at least that same number of times. For instance, an h-index of 17 means that the scientist has published at least 17 papers that have each been cited at least 17 times. The reasoning behind this calculation is that the new papers that the researcher publishes should get always the same good reputation as the previous ones. This would mean a constantly high quality 2011-07-11 · H-index calculator. This page uses Google Scholar to calculate the h-index and G-index for researchers.

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How to order EM330 DIN AV5 3 H O1 PF B Percentage error limits for class index B. +1.5%. +1%. Web of Science: No. 146 Times cited = 1838 (1307 wsc) h-index = 22. Google Scholar: No. 351 Times cited = 3474, i10-index = 89 h-index = 29 Estimating localised head-loss using the manning equation.

Scientific Impact and the H-Index AACC.org

18 Aug 2020 Hirsch in 2005. The h-index is defined as the author-level metric that attempts to measure both the productivity and the citation impact of the  16 Feb 2021 The h-index is usually calculated for individual researchers but can also be calculated for other entities such as a research group or a journal. 29 Mar 2021 The most widely-used calculated author metric is the h-index. Authors can calculate their own h-index, but there are several databases that  How to find h-index in Scopus · 1.

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H index calculation

Don't worry, you're in the right place; Web Step 2: Screening the search results and creating a citation report The next step is to screen the search results if Step 2020-11-17 · The calculation of the h-index requires an accurate count of the number of articles published and the number of citations received. Access to a subscription-based service such as Scopus makes the calculation much easier, but there are other freely available tools out there. Se hela listan på benchfly.com h-index är ett mått för citeringsanalys, som beskriver både produktivitet och räckvidd i publicering för en forskare eller akademiker.. Kortfattat innebär ett h-index på 10 att en person är medförfattare till minst 10 artiklar där varje artikel blivit citerad minst 10 gånger, totalt minst 100 citeringar, vilket kan vara fallet för en docent eller nybliven professor. then h-index = max(min(f(i),i) for i=1:n) since h-index can never exceed n, replace all numbers in array greater than n with n.

H index calculation

FOG, BJ., Price calculation and price policy (C. Welinder) .. 154. The Exercise Price and the number of Shares re-calculated in accordance (h) Om Bolagets aktiekapital eller reservfond skulle minskas med återbetalning till.
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The number of citations a paper receives is often used as a measure of its impact and by extension, of its quality. Many aberrations of the citation  h-index, 21, 16.

Enligt Dillon (2012) så bör vi American national standard methods for the calculation of the speech intelligibility index: New  c) Separate reinforcement bars with a bond-slip definition: ℎ = not considered when calculating the shear retention factor. 3 is a user  Thin lens equation • Mirror focal length • Gaussian lens formula • Image formation with n and n' being the refractive index before and after reflection or refraction, by optical surface is given as a ratio of the image vs. object height, MT=h'/h.
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Cites/author: 1493.25. g-index: 42 1995 J. Nilsson, The improvement of the numerical calculation speed on the  T o ta l. 0.

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Your h-index is based on a list of your publications ranked in descending order by the Times Cited count. The value of h is equal to the number of papers (N) in the list that have N or more citations. The h-index is a measure of the number of publications published (productivity), as well as how often they are cited. h-index = the number of publications with a citation number greater than or equal to h. For example, 15 publications cited 15 times or more, is a h-index of 15. H-index calculator This page uses Google Scholar to calculate the h-index and G-index for researchers.